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Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda

Welcome to the non-partisan Digital Politics Podcast with Karen Jagoda.  Since 2007, this show has highlighted impact of new technologies on the campaign landscape, how expectations of voters are changing, fundraising, persuasion and getting out the vote. 

Popular topics on the show include best practices for political and advocacy campaigns, ground game strategies, cross-media advertising, social media trends and impact of mobile. 

This weekly podcast includes interviews with political consultants, media strategists, journalists, advocates, candidates, elected officials, campaign managers, and solution providers.



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Aug 24, 2016

Kevin Stewart, Managing Partner, State and Local Government, GIS Inc. on the ability of government agencies to handle the threat of an outbreak of the Zika virus and other vector-borne diseases, value of mobile devices to empower citizens to participate in the fight, and using location science and evidence based data to...

Feb 9, 2016

Todd Schuble, Owner/CEO, The Locative on using geographic data about voters to improve understanding about population trends, media markets, density, and changes over time.  Also challenges faced by local governments to make infrastructure data available and finding funds to support analysis in such cases as lead...

Dec 3, 2015

David Hicks, Kids First Allen and Matt Felton, President, Datastory Consulting reveal how successful their efforts were to win a school bond election in Allen, Texas in large part because of a robust StoryMap that was created to explain the benefits and impact of passing the school bond.

Datastory Consulting

Sep 21, 2015

Paul Westcott, Director of Marketing and Business Development, L2 Political talks about the value of mapping and visualization of voter data to reveal unexpected patterns of voting, which variables are most predictive of voting behavior and value of mobile app to create smart walk lists.




Aug 6, 2015

Bernie Szukalski, Chief Technology Advocate and Product Strategist, Esri talks about using georgraphy to gain understanding of all problems, the value of exploring with smart maps, growth of mobile apps that are using GIS, and the emergence of hi-res 3-D drone data.