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Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda

Welcome to the non-partisan Digital Politics Podcast with Karen Jagoda.  Since 2007, this show has highlighted impact of new technologies on the campaign landscape, how expectations of voters are changing, role of online fundraising, digital and traditional means of persuasion and getting out the vote.  In this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic, changes in the behavior of voters, restrictions on candidates and the new normal for retail politics are all under the microscope.

Popular topics on the show include best practices for political and advocacy campaigns, ground game strategies, cross-media advertising, social media trends and impact of mobile on engaging supporters. 

This weekly podcast includes interviews with political consultants, media strategists, journalists, advocates, candidates, elected officials, campaign managers, and solution providers.


Digital Politics Podcast with Karen Jagoda has been included in the Feedspot 70 Best Non Partisan Podcasts worth listening to in 2023.      Check out the list here







Oct 14, 2021

Preston Tollinger is CEO of Bluelink, which is part of the Higher Ground Labs Cohort of 2021. Preston brings his knowledge of managing big data to the political world.

We talk about:

  • New tools that are needed to weave together different teams and data streams on the campaign trail
  • Replacing manual processes with automated approaches to manage data, including donor info, social media, email contacts, voter lists, event attendees, and volunteers
  • The trend for newer campaign tools to open up their APIs to improve interoperability
  • Solving the problem of "Where is my sticker?" Need for political campaigns to meet voters' expectations as consumers have come to expect a quick and accurate response from vendors.
  • Why it is essential for a campaign to run on top of strong technology with secure and automated processes

@bluelinkorg @HigherGroundLab #politicalcampaigns