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The non-partisan Digital Politics Podcast with Karen Jagoda explores political and advocacy campaign best practices, new technologies and innovative approaches to voter engagement, fundraising, ground game strategies, cross-media advertising, using social media to promote and persuade, and getting out the vote. Since 2007, this show has spotted trends and interviewed strategists on the campaign trail as well as candidates, elected officials, and solutions providers who are bringing new tools to campaign staffers and volunteers.
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Welcome to the podcast spotting trends and thought leaders at the intersection of politics and technology since 2007.  Follow us on Twitter @evoterinstitute and check out

Dec 17, 2015

Adam Schaeffer, PhD, Director pf Research and Co-Founder, Evolving Strategies on predicting voter turnout, activating partisans, and finding out what messages could persuade swing voters.




Dec 16, 2015

Julien Newman, co-founder, Mayvin points out how hard it is to understand sarcasm and humor on social media, value of face to face encounters with campaign volunteers, and need to provide opportunities for bi-directional communication and not just email blasts and tv commercials.

Dec 8, 2015

Glenn Kessler, President, HCD Research on measuring sub-conscious reactions of voters, understanding what people say they feel as well as why, and figuring out what creative elements really work in an ad or speech.




HCD Research

Dec 3, 2015

David Hicks, Kids First Allen and Matt Felton, President, Datastory Consulting reveal how successful their efforts were to win a school bond election in Allen, Texas in large part because of a robust StoryMap that was created to explain the benefits and impact of passing the school bond.

Datastory Consulting


StoryMap created using Esri software

Nov 29, 2015

Kevin Randall, writer for The New York Times, Vanity Fair and The Economist, on his recent articles on the use of neuro-science to better understand voters with examples from Mexico, Poland, Russia and Turkey and why some are calling this junk science and a threat.



Neuropolitics, Where Campaigns Try to Read Your Mind

Mexico's Governing Party Vows to Stop Using Neuromarketing to Study Voters

Nov 24, 2015

Bryan Finney, Founder and CEO, DemocracyLive on rolling out web-based balloting to enable citizens overseas, military, and the disabled to vote and bringing this electronic resource to all voters in order to increase voter turnout.


Nov 21, 2015

Kevin Lee, CEO, and inventor of a philanthropic sweepstakes concept to engage customers with an appeal to their selfish and altruistic sides in order to support non-profits and harvest contact information.


Sweeps 4a Cause

Nov 18, 2015

Paul Wilson, Chairman and CEO, Wilson Grand Communications on political tv ads and short form political video ads, reminders of campaign basics from working with a candidate for school board and insights about working with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Nov 9, 2015

Brad Marston, Co-Founder and Partner, Four Tier Strategies talks about creating smart user aware web sites that engage voters in a personalized way, working with Matt Lynch and JD Winteregg in Ohio 2016 Congressional races, need to micro-target fundraising emails to maximize impact and value of NationBuilder data tools.



Four Tier Strategies


Nov 5, 2015

Josh Ginsberg, CEO, Zignal Labs shares observations about relevance of social and traditional media activity around the Donald Trump campaign, Ted Cruz's debate break-out performance, and how social media is changing the role of political parties and committees.



Zignal Labs

Oct 29, 2015

Josh Cohen, Chairman, OSDI, Mark Snyder, Director of Communications, Equality Federation, and Shai Sachs, Innovation Platform Director, NGP VAN each provide their own perspective about the value of open standards for improving the voter and volunteer experience, implementation commitments from companies working with  Progressive campaigns to use the OSDI API and data structures, and creating an infrastructure that easily adjusts to mobile devices.





Open Supporter Data Interface -OSDI

Equality Federation




Oct 21, 2015

Brandi Travis, Chief Marketing Officer, Aristotle talks about Predict It, a small money prediction market for politics that is showing outstanding accuracy about changes in the political scene and is becoming a source about what voters think will happen for pollsters and journalists.  Also great fun to check out the graphs and trends even for those not putting some pennies on the table.



Oct 14, 2015

Shekhar Pradhan, founder, QandAVision on an innovative natural language response solution that matches voter questions with candidate videos and provides a tool for campaigns to find out what voters are most curious about.

Oct 12, 2015

Colin Delany, founder, ePolitics ponders the question of how Joe Biden quickly builds an email list and social media following should he decide to run for president.


Oct 8, 2015

Colin Delany, founder, ePolitics on Bernie Sanders' support from small donors, building a donor list, and value of social media followers for fundraising.


Sep 30, 2015

Simon Sidi, Founder and Executive Producer Politicon, an unconventional convention for political junkies scheduled for October 9 and 10 in Los Angeles talks about the convergence of politics and entertainment and his plans for a new event for people across the political spectrum who want to have fun and learn about the changes in the real political process as well as how politics is being portrayed in popular culture.




Sep 25, 2015

Shaun Dakin, Dakin Associates on why email still matters for political and advocacy campaigns and why we aren't seeing any email from Donald Trump.



Dakin Associates

Sep 22, 2015

Shaun Dakin, Dakin Associates on introduction of a new button on Facebook that shows dislike or empathy for bad news and tips for driving traffic to a Facebook page.


Dakin Associates

Sep 21, 2015

Paul Westcott, Director of Marketing and Business Development, L2 Political talks about the value of mapping and visualization of voter data to reveal unexpected patterns of voting, which variables are most predictive of voting behavior and value of mobile app to create smart walk lists.



L2 Political

Sep 20, 2015

Shaun Dakin, Dakin Associates on whether the Twitter partnership with Square will bring in new donors for political campaigns as voters watch events in real time.



Dakin Associates

Sep 16, 2015

David Mermin, Partner, Lake Research Partners shares insights about polling primary voters, who votes by mail, making sense of the Trump poll results and finding swing voters.


Lake Research Partners

Sep 9, 2015

Matthew McMillan, President of Buzzmaker and head of the International Division at DSPolitical talks about plans for the Africa Political Summit and Diamond Awards.  This new conference is taking place in early January 2016 in Cape Town South Africa and will be bringing together global political strategists, pollsters and targeting experts along with grassroots organzers and community leaders from many African countries.  


Africa Political Summit



Sep 4, 2015

Digital pioneer Nicco Mele, Senior Vice President and Deputy Publisher, The Los Angeles Times reports on newspaper readers, value of online ads for persuasion and reflects on how campaigns have changed since his days working as the webmaster of the Howard Dean 2004 presidential campaign.


Sep 4, 2015

Josh Ginsberg, CEO, Zignal Labs talks about using data from social media, television viewership and other traditional media to identify important indicators of voter sentiment and how journalists are using this kind of data analysis to inform about potential stories.


Zignal Labs

Aug 27, 2015

Michael Beach, Co-Founder, Targeted Victory discusses the value of large and small donors, constant need for list building, new technologies that are helping a candidate bring the right message to the right audience and the move to buying tv ads in smarter ways.



Targeted Victory

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