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The non-partisan Digital Politics Podcast with Karen Jagoda explores political and advocacy campaign best practices, new technologies and innovative approaches to voter engagement, fundraising, ground game strategies, cross-media advertising, using social media to promote and persuade, and getting out the vote. Since 2007, this show has spotted trends and interviewed strategists on the campaign trail as well as candidates, elected officials, and solutions providers who are bringing new tools to campaign staffers and volunteers.
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Welcome to the podcast spotting trends and thought leaders at the intersection of politics and technology since 2007.  Follow us on Twitter @evoterinstitute and check out

May 16, 2016

Sam Lozier, Client Services Team Lead, Revolution Messaging addresses concerns about abuses by the Trump campaign which is sending unsolicited text messages and how the FCC has tightened the rules about opt-in texting.  Sam also talks about ways to get permission to send campaign text messages for mobilization and fundraising to voters who have shown a willingness to be engaged with a campaign or cause.


Revolution Messaging

May 11, 2016

Ray Kingman, CEO and Founder, Semcasting talks about taking the direct mail model to the next level using IP and location targeting to address voters on any device, the challenge of finding disenfranchised voters, and how down ballot races can use online targeting to reach segments of voters not watching broadcast television.



Apr 29, 2016

Colin Delany, founder, ePolitics on the evolution not revolution in the world of political online fundraising, reducing the barriers to action for voters, and organizing online to put pressure on convention delegates.


How to Use the Internet to Win in 2016


Apr 24, 2016

Jed Dederick, Regional Vice President of Business Development, The Trade Desk on the opportunities to use programmatic ad buying for hyper-local voter targeting across all media platforms, supporting the goal of fewer but better political ads, and getting an accurate picture of how voters consume media.


The Trade Desk

Apr 20, 2016

Patrick Ruffini, Partner and Co-Founder, Echelon Insights and previous director of digital strategies for the RNC on creating the impression of a groundswell on Twitter and methods to reveal phony networks of supporters with examples from the Trump campaign.




Echelon Insights

Apr 14, 2016

John Nienstedt, President, Competitive Edge Research & Communication on the relevance of the California primary, whether angry people are more likely to vote than happy folks, how the presidential competition will impact down ballot races, and polling Asian, Hispanic and Millennial voters means looking carefully at all the sub-groups that make up these categories of voters.


Competitive Edge Research & Communication

Apr 13, 2016

Kerry Nelson, Data Integrity Manager, Liberal Party of Canada on challenges to fundraising in emerging democracies, why peer-to-peer is the most trusted form of communication in places where mass media is suspect and building strong team organizers to mobilize neighbors to get out to vote.




International Federation of Liberal Youth

National Democratic Institute


Apr 4, 2016

Melinda Gipson, Political Advisor, SABIO Mobile on using mobile ads to target voters by location and demographics as well as behavioral characteristics and the apps that they have on their phone.


SABIO Mobile

Mar 28, 2016

Rena Shapiro, VP Politics and Advocacy, BuzzFeed explains the innovations that BuzzFeed offers to allow political campaigns to target voters with content that is engaging, shareable, and available as well on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and other social media.





Mar 24, 2016

Joe Camacho, Chief Marketing Officer, SABIO Mobile on why mobile ads are the most cost effective way to reach Millennials and Hispanics, why political consultants are slow to use new ad formats, and types of mobile ad units and calls to action that work for candidates.


SABIO Mobile

Mar 16, 2016

Somerlyn Cothran, Cothran Development Strategies and founder and president, National Association of Political Fundraisers talks about the rise of small donors, techniques for fundraising, and setting professional standards for political fundraisers.



Cothran Development Strategies

National Association of Political Fundraisers

Mar 10, 2016

Alexander Edwards, President, Strategic Vision reveals details from recent research about car buying habits of Republicans and Democrats and how it can inform targeting voters, trying to figure out what motivates Independent and cross-over voters, and the future of party affiliation.


Strategic Vision

Mar 7, 2016

Patti Russo, Executive Director, Women's Campaign School at Yale University suggests that men and women generally decide to run for very different reasons, overcoming the fundraising challenges women face, and seeing the trend of younger women running for public office.


Women's Campaign School at Yale University

Feb 27, 2016

Josh Cohen and Brad Bauman co-founders, The Pastorum Group reflect on expectations for authenticity from political candidates, reach/frequency of political ads across multiple screens, and using Snapchat and other social tools to turn supporters into ambassadors.





Feb 24, 2016

Trace Anderson and Bob Vaillancourt, co-founders CFB Strategies talk about need for campaigns to have strong infrastructure to manage and integrate all data and their work with #CruzCrowd to encourage and reward small dollar bundling and peer-to-peer sharing of campaign messages.


CFB Strategies

Feb 23, 2016

Tom Norris, owner, 406 Enterprises with best practices for using mobile apps and mobile ads for reaching and interacting with voters including insights about the value of geo-targeting mobile ads to increase engagement.


406 Enterprises

Feb 18, 2016

Mike Moschella, Founder and CEO, Organizing Center, talks about the changing landscape of political and advocacy campaigns where television ads are not as effective and voters expect to interact with a campaign, no gate-keepers empower voters to share and engage, and moving from organizing to building leadership.




Feb 17, 2016

Bill Hillsman, Founder, North Woods Advertising on his experience working with candidates like Jesse Ventura, how difficult it is to find and persuade Independent voters, the new ways voters are able to express their anger, who is supporting Trump or Sanders, and concerns about click fraud and online ads.


North Woods Advertising

Feb 9, 2016

Todd Schuble, Owner/CEO, The Locative on using geographic data about voters to improve understanding about population trends, media markets, density, and changes over time.  Also challenges faced by local governments to make infrastructure data available and finding funds to support analysis in such cases as lead contamination in Flint Michigan.

The Locative


Feb 3, 2016

John Balduzzi, president, The Balduzzi Group on the value of direct mail for down ballot races, need to use authentic images in tv ads and mailers, and insider's reaction to the Ted Cruz "voter violation" controversial direct mail piece sent out in Iowa.


The Balduzzi Group


Jan 28, 2016

Phil Noble, President, South Carolina New Democrats talks about what makes South Carolina voters unique, value of endorsements, and predictions about voter turnout in the upcoming SC primary compared to years past.


SC New Democrats

Jan 28, 2016

Michael Beach, co-founder, Targeted Victory with insights about who is watching the debates and when viewers drop off, running smarter campaigns using micro-targeting across all screens, and need to break old habits for campaigning to more efficiently use digital media.



Targeted Victory

Jan 19, 2016

Mark Bryant, Vice President and General Manager, Politics and Advocacy, Ace Metrix points out that we have entered the age of data driven creative development for political ads, with insights about what kinds of ads Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are responding to with some details about reaction to current ads from Sanders, Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Kasich, and Carson. 


Ace Metrix

Jan 14, 2016

Shane Greer, Co-Owner and Co-Producer, Campaigns and Elections on the 2016 Reed Awards and Conference February 17-18 in Charleston, SC, growth of international campaign expertise, and trends in using digital and traditional means to persuade voters.




Campaigns and Elections


Jan 7, 2016

Colin Delany, founder, ePolitics reflects on the complex world of managing voter data, differences between how the DNC and RNC handle access to voter files, and whether angry candidates and voters need large crowds to fuel momentum.


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